Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced oil recovery ("EOR") techniques have significant potential to increase recovery from the Bentley field and to extend field life.  Due to the nature of the crude in heavy oil fields, the recovery from primary and secondary techniques is relatively low compared to more conventional lighter crudes.  This leaves much greater potential volume available for recovery from tertiary, i.e. EOR, recovery techniques.

While not yet fully defined, it is intended to utilise EOR techniques on the Bentley field if desktop studies, laboratory trials, and field pilots deem it appropriate.  To this end, Xcite Energy has engaged with a number of specialist contractors in order to identify some optimum technology.

Certain EOR techniques have already been identified as good candidates for the Bentley field. It is expected that these will be tested in field during early phases of the development to provide a better understanding of the potential upside recovery factors associated with EOR techniques.

Published : Monday, August 24, 2015 3:28 PM UTC