Xcite Energy plc - external image of Xcite Energy's Rowan Norway rig

Xcite Energy is a developer of heavy oil fields in the UK North Sea, with current operations on the Bentley field in Block 9/3b, with four further prospects awarded through the 27th Licensing Round. Xcite Energy will continue to actively participate in UK Offshore Licensing Rounds where areas of geological and strategic interest are made available. Due to the size of the Bentley field being one of the largest proven undeveloped fields in the UK North Sea, the primary focus for Xcite Energy is to bring the field into development.

Licence (Awarded) Block Ownership
P1078 (2003) 9/3b 100% by XER
P1979 (2013) 9/4a 100% by XER
P1979 (2013) 9/8b 100% by XER
P1979 (2013) 9/9h 100% by XER

Published : Thursday, April 30, 2015 7:54 AM UTC